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Call to Artists & Makers
Gathering needs your help! We’re hosting a silent auction on May 3 in conjunction with an arts event where we’ll be hosting a variety of performance art as well as a silent art and craft auction. We need your donations to the cause.
Do you support handmade? Do you support having an indie handmade shop in town to represent artists? Then please consider donating a piece of your art or handmade craft to be auctioned off at the event.
Please package artwork carefully. Also, either print out the following contact form and fill out according to each piece donated, or submit online.
Art and Handmade Craft donations can be dropped off in the Conduit Press Studio located inside the I Fell Building at 415 W. 4th Street (back wall on the right) Monday – Friday from 1-3pm. . 

We LOVE you!!


Featured Artist: Dulcet Design

Dulcet Design

is a unique line of lightweight acrylic jewelry, spanning a range of accessories for both men and women. Alicia Kravitz, a trained Architect, is the designer behind the Dulcet Design collection. Using the talents and eye developed in Architectural training, Alicia creates all of the durable, streamlined, extremely wearable designs. These pieces are suitable for all people, in all walks of life that are modern, colorful, wearable, and affordable.

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Featured Artist: Lily Alyssa Boutique

Lily Alyssa Boutique

is owned and operated by Katy Rudzinski in her cozy, Seymour, Indiana home. She began her business in the fall of 2012 and has since branched out in terms of product. Now she handcrafts crocheted hats, boot warmers, scarves, and ear warmers as well as clutches, hair clips, diaper bags, and cute things for little kids to wear. Check out some of her stuff! We love her infinity scarves. You never know what you’ll find at Gathering in Bloom.

Lily Alyssa Boutique


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Local in Bloomington

I hope you’ve all heard of, or seen, Rachael’s Cafe at 3rd and Lincoln.

If not, you’re missing out. This local comfy spot has great coffee, great food (including vegan and GF options), and a warm atmosphere. Rachael is there most days and couldn’t be more helpful and polite to her patrons. I spent an hour studying there with a cup of coffee and a friend, but I could have spent more. Highly recommended. Check out the omelet bar on Saturdays and Sundays and live music schedule!


Featured Artist: Flowers on Footprints

There’s SomeTHING in My Basement

is the title of a book written by Nicole Osborne. Nicole was diagnosed with an ascending thoracic aortic aneurysm when she was six months pregnant. She feared never getting to meet her daughter. The book is her journey through that experience and how she overcame her fears.

At Gathering in Bloom we’ll be featuring her jewelry that is also inspired by the incredible journey she’s taken. Take a look at some of her awesome work! What in inspiring story!

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Local in Bloomington

Blu Boy Chocolate Cafe and Cakery

Blu Boy is located on Kirkwood Ave. just next to the Buskirk-Chumley Theater. You can find hand-painted chocolates for your valentine or pick up an ice cream sandwich for yourself!

I had a cupcake this week and it was delightful. Check out Blu Boy soon!

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Featured Artist: Katie Vernon

Katie Vernon is an artist/illustrator living in Bloomington, Indiana.

She sells prints online and in stores across the globe. Her work has been commissioned by The Land of Nod, Ikea, Chronicle Books, and other local and national businesses and publications. Katie has also been featured on a number of prominent blogs including Design*Sponge.



Winter Alpaca

Winter Alpaca

Gold Symbolic Teeth I

Gold Symbolic Teeth I

Avian Ghost

Avian Ghost

Featured Artist: Lit Knits

What’s so cool about Lit Knits?

It couldn’t be that the warm winter gear is incredibly fashionable and comes in awesome colors. It also couldn’t be the fact that they’re handmade in Bloomington. It’s probably that each piece is inspired by or named after a literary character or element of some sort.

Check some of these Lit Knits out and come find yours at Gathering in Bloom on February 22nd!

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie

Nancy Drew's "The Mystery at the Ski Jump"

Nancy Drew’s “The Mystery at the Ski Jump”

Weasley Cowl

Weasley Cowl

Arthurian Cowl

Arthurian Cowl

Mrs. Elton's Lace Garden gloves

Mrs. Elton’s Lace Garden gloves

Merry Wives

Merry Wives

Irene Adler

Irene Adler

Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat



Weasley Striped Hat

Weasley Striped Hat

Featured Artist: Sadly Harmless

Sadly Harmless is a product of Sally Harless’ creative mind. She’s a full-time artist working and living in Bloomington, IN but traveling all over the place. She says this about her work:

“My drawings are reminiscent of children’s book illustrations and are a mixture of reverie and autobiography. I love simplicity, muted colors and inserting elements of subtle humor into my drawings. I like to think that all of my characters are having quiet moments of reflection.”

arigidsearchinkandwatercolor2009 mountainmaker_web theaftermathmixedmedia2007 thebanditinkandwatercolor2008 thefeelinggoesitsleavinginkandwatercoloracrylic2009 tinybattle_web wherewelanded_web

Local in Bloomington

Burger Wednesday!

Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse has two locations in Bloomington plus a gourmet cafe. Every Wednesday is Burger Wednesday and all burgers are $3.00. Mondays are Big Salad Mondays and all salads are only $4.50. Visit this Bloomington staple next week for lunch! I recommend the California Burger.

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Featured Artist: Martina Celerin

Blowing Bubbles

Martina Celerin, an expat from the Czech Republic, has been making beautiful dimensional weavings in fiber and natural materials for years. After earning a doctoral degree in plant sciences from the University of Western Ontario, Celerin accepted a postdoctoral position as a … Continue reading

Featured Artist: JO Designs


JO Designs aims to provide handmade, quality books such as baby books, photo books, journals, notebooks as well as unique, hand crocheted jewelry and accessories. Check out some of there wares below! Related articles Crocheted woven loveliness ( Crochet and Tatting … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Vincent Desjardins

Vince 4

Vince is a freelance illustrator living in Bloomington, IN, who loves vintage things.  These Holiday cards are perfect to send to your friends who are into the mid-century look, retro design or children’s book art.  The cards are blank inside so you can … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Megan Martin Artisan

Megan Martin 2

Megan Martin Artisan creates modern, eco friendly jewelry made from recycled sterling silver.  Other materials used are semi precious gemstones and natural minerals.  Megan has been visually creative for as long as she can remember.  So much of her life is chaotic, and she … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Joanne Shank

Joanne Shanks

Joanne’s work is influenced by the Chinese style of painting, and she paints with bamboo brush on rice paper.  She has studied with Chinese artist Xing Bai Li, and is a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Her works include … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Hold It!

Hold It 4

Hold It specializes in kanzashi and satin flower hair accessories that embody class, elegance, and simple beauty.  Each flower is available as a headband, elastic headband, ponytail holder, hair clip, bobby pin and badge reel.  Each flower is handcrafted, using top designer … Continue reading

Featured Artist: StitchPrincess

Stitch Princess 3

StitchPrincess coffee cup cozies are an eco-friendly alternative to cardboard coffee sleeves, and not to mention much cuter! They are made out of recycled vintage fabric and will insulate your drink to keep it cool or hot! The elastic and button … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Owlette


Owlette was started in 2010 by two ambitious friends, Jessica and Brittney. They decided it was time to start putting their skills to use making some seriously adorable products. Shortly after, they started designing, making products and booking craft shows. … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Bebito


“Friends don’t let friends buy ugly toys.”  - These incredibly quirky and lovable plush toys, art dolls, totes and wallets are embellished with original appliques and embroidery. Handmade from mostly recycled, upcycled or re-purposed items, these wonderful wares are … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Deesum Designs

Deesum Designs 2

Molly Mayer is the woman behind Deesum Designs, and she uses her metalsmithing skills obtained from Indiana University to create jewelry that she hopes will be passed down for generations.  Although she is now grown up, with a husband and two … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Courtney Fischer Jewelry

Courtney Fischer 2

Courtney Fischer handmakes her jewelry in her backyard studio in Michigan. Her primary materials are copper and brass, and each piece is handmade to make a statement. She works to create “an antique look with a modern approach.” Courtney graduated from … Continue reading

pondering our opening days

I know that the rule is to use ‘we’ and be ‘personable but not personal’ but on days like these, it’s hard to not yell from the rooftops of my beautifully well-lit city and scream at the top of my lungs, “I Love you Bloomington!” because, you know what? This IS personal. This is (sometimes) about me, and mine. And I’m thankful for that. I’m so amazingly overjoyed, ecstatic, and blessed to have such support in this amazing community I live in, WE live in, and I wanted to share that with you. I am so thankful.



Eight long (and yet so very short) days ago we slowly opened the door to our 500 sq foot store in Fountain Square Mall. We pulled up the blinds, turned on the Christmas lights, plugged in the register, and held our breath. But not for very long, because our first customer strolled in nonchalantly, as though we’d been there all along, as though we belonged, a staple in a mall with history,  and they walked around pondering the handmade goods on our shelves . . . they picked up jewelry and turned over pillows; they unfolded t-shirts and smiled; they giggled at beards and one-eyed monsters and cooed over the kids’ section in the back. And then, as though on cue, they bought the first item (credit card or I’d have the $ bill framed) and we breathed a sigh of relief. We did it. We were for real, and they . . . you really like us.


It’s only been 6 short days since then and we . . . I am so overwhelmed at the kindness I’ve seen walk through the door. The smiles, the laughs, the singing along to Christmas music playing loudly across a room full of strangers . . . the silly “What does the Fox say” concert had on Plaid Friday . . . the trying on of amazing handmade goodies and the adoration of such items. These items might not all be mine (99% of them are not) but I hold them so dearly to my heart, I consider them to be mine. These are my best friends – not these things, no – these PEOPLE.


When you shop at Gathering you’re buying from real people – in your community. When you purchased that Knit Turban Headwarmer today, know that you’re supporting an amazing woman who’s working on her PhD in Rhetoric and Composition, who has style and sass you wouldn’t believe, who can talk circles around any literary genius and whose smile warms the room. When you decided to buy that wee little one-eyed monster today for your niece in Florida, know that you’re supporting one of the funniest/funnest couples I’ve ever met, who happen to not be able to stand the smell of fish and whose airways might close up if one of them gets too close to a cat. The better half of the couple can also sew a mean bear costume (and did for her the all male school she teaches at). When you tried on that awesome shirt today that stands for something we should all stand up for (“We Like You Here”) know that you’re not just supporting a cause (which is an amazing cause by the way) you’re also supporting a working artist, who is also a teacher, who is also an amazing friend, artist advocate, and business person. When you bought that Buckle Beanie and matching Scarflette . . . know that you’re supporting an entire family – yes, that’s right – you’re supporting a single mother and her two little girls and you’re making their Christmas and know that those two little girls have the best smiles and the most amazing giggles of any little girls I’ve met, and I’ve met a few. And when you bought on a whim those everyday saints at the counter, the cards you’ll be sending to favorite gals across the states – know that you’re encouraging a young mother of three to be what she really is – an artist! You’re telling all of us that we’re doing it right, that we’re talented, that we’re worth something, that we belong.

You’re buying from real people. Not just me. It’s not about me – it’s about these amazing people that I get to share with you, EVER DAY (for at least a month!) and I’m just so excited to get to share them with you, and you with them. Please, continue to help me do that. Continue to be the amazing, supportive, blessed community you’ve been thus far Bloomington. I will never forget you for this chance, we will never forget. We Love you. I Love you.

Featured Artist: Get Lathered


These bits of affordable luxury with make you feel like a star. Get Lathered produces some of the finest handmade bath and body products available anywhere. By using premium ingredients, meticulous formulation, beautiful presentations, and unsurpassed customer service Get Lathered … Continue reading